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As the Sun Rises and Sets in West Somerset

Life moves on. There have been quite a few sunsets and therefore sunrises since my last blog.

I do mean to post more often but I must say the painting part of the job is far more enticing.

If you'd like to see what I've been up to, scroll on!!

"Sunrise Through the Pines" - Watercolour and Mixed Media - 50x70cm - SOLD

I am lucky enough to be able to see the sunrise from my bed. One morning earlier in the year I awoke just as it was getting light, minutes before the actual sunrise. I wacked on some warm clothes and hurried a kilometre or so up to a spot locally known as "the pines". I was not disappointed. A magical location even on a dull day. The sun rose above the Quantocks, burning through the pines as I gathered reference for paintings. It was one of those times when you can't fail to get a good shot. So far I have managed to make two paintings from that wintery morning (the one above and the one right and the bottom of this blog). They have both sold but prints are available and I do hope to do at least one more.

"Hurstone Point from Porlock Weir" - Mixed Media - 15x20cm - £295

An abstracted take on this subject. As Porlock Weir is shadowed by Porlock Hill, Hurstone Point and Bossington Hill bask in the golden last light of a winter's evening.

"Sunset 2024" - Watercolour and Black Indian Ink - 40x70cm - £1300.

That view, from the end of North Hill. Always there, always a treat. I particularly like the lack of fuss in this painting. A lot is said with few marks. The space can be understood without too much visual description. I took many photos that evening. Most with a 3ft Spiderman in the foreground. I decided not to use those for the painting.

"Woodland at Simonsbath" - Watercolour and Mixed Media - 30x90cm - £1250.

The reference for this painting was taken during an unofficial marathon organised by my brother in law in March. A 26.65 mile loops from Sherdon Hutch, taking in Simonsbath, Chetsford Water, Dunkery Beacon, Winsford, Withypool and everywhere in between. 3 of us participated. Joe and Matthew are hinted at in this painting. You wouldn't know unless they where pointed out. Matthew is a ghost like figure just before the green beech tree on the right and Joe's red back pack can be seen as he disappears behind that same tree. It wasn't an official marathon but we did get t-shirts (no medals) and I am counting it as my first (and let's face it, definitely last) marathon win.

"Stormy Seas 2 - Porlock Weir" - Watercolour and Black Indian Ink - 65x50cm - £1350.

I have used reference from the same shoot, just seconds before the wave breaks, in a painting from last year. I have really exaggerated the blues on the tops of the distant posts. The painting below is from the same reference. A smaller, looser study. Doing a smaller version before a larger attempt prepares you for what is to come. I will often do this

"Stormy Seas 3 - Porlock Weir" - Watercolour and Black Indian Ink - 20x15cm - SOLD.

"Beach West of Porlock Weir" - Watercolour and Black Indian Ink - 20x20cm - £375.

If you clambered along the pebbles a kilometre or so west of the weir and turned around, this is the view you'll be greeted with. Again, I've used this reference before, this time using a very different palette. It's always interesting to see where intuition takes ones on a given day.

"Looking West - Bossington Beach" - Watercolour and Black Indian Ink - 20x20cm - £375.

An hour before last light on the wonderfully peaceful Bossington Beach. I can hear those rounded rocks cracking against each other as waves gently lap.

"Boats at Porlock Weir - Sunset" - Watercolour and Black Indian Ink - 20x20cm - £375.

I have just submitted these 2 paintings (the ones above and below) to the Black Swan Gallery's open exhibition. So, they are currently NFS. They will be though. They are both stylised depictions of the Duck Decoy Barn on Porlock Marsh.

 "Hurstone Point from Porlock Weir" - Watercolour and Mixed Media - 20x20cm - £375.

Another abstracted version of this iconic view.

"Sunrise - High Tide - Porlock Weir" - Watercolour and Mixed Media - 15x20cm - £295.

As the tide reaches its highest, the new born sun springs into life one wintery morn. All paintings are available from my online shop and physical shop in Minehead.

"Sunrise Through the Pines" - Watercolour and Mixed Media - 50x70cm - SOLD

And finally, the painting that started us off at the top's sister painting. This one sold before it was framed. It gave the buyer a sense of hope having recently lost her father. I found that rather touching.

As always, thanks for reading.

Very best wishes


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Barry Hitchcox
Barry Hitchcox

Thanks for sending Leo, always a joy!


Steve Harrison
Steve Harrison

I enjoy your blog and of course the pictures.

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