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NEW Prints and Paintings for Xmas

I've had a busy old year, painting walls and ceilings at home and landscapes and birds in the studio.

It's been a productive time with some really satisfying results. I do love my work.

I have just added some of these new paintings and some new prints to the website.

I hope that you like them.

The original watercolour of "The Pines" was snapped up immediatly and could have sold a few time over. As it turns out this location is a really popular spot for the living and the dead. Maybe I'll be scattered up there too one day! It's available now as a prints in various sizes.

The original of this painting, "Reflected" was selected for The Bath Society of Artist annual open where it sold. It's a depiction of the lake at Dunster Chalets. You can see Conygar Tower in the background as the sun sets behind. If you don't know this spot, seek it out. It's a peaceful treat.

This "Lee Bay" sunset is my most recent landscape. I have had many a conversation about "Lee Bay" only to discover that I'm talking about another Lee Bay. There are 2 Lee Bays on the North Devon coast. Confusing? This is the one just west of Valley of Rocks. It is available still as an original and also as a print.

Another Lee Bay painting. Who would have thought this was the scene in August? Kind of sums up last summer. Again, this new watercolour is available in it's original form and as a print.

Despite many visits to "Woody Bay" this is the first time I've painted it. This is the tidal pool. Another local hot spot. The original went pretty quickly but prints are good to go.

And finally, "Stillness". Available still, as an original and as a print.

Lots of other new prints and paintings are now on the website too. Have a look. Let me know what you think. All orders can be sent out straight away. If you have any question or querries, fire away.

Have a great Xmas!

Thanks for reading and all the best


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1 Comment

Jackie Russ
Jackie Russ
Dec 10, 2023

Well I always think your work is amazing! You capture light so well. All the best…j

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