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My First Book, But Definitely Not My Last.

Over the years I have painted 100s of watercolours and oils. Pretty much all are photographed and digitally saved. Some exist as cards and some as prints.

I would hope in the distant future that there will be many examples of my paintings in collections across the world and therefore evidence of my existence, but I also love the idea of future generations being able to pick a good old fashioned book off a shelf, my book, and to get a taste of this era, my era.

Anyway, this hard back book of 70 pages containing more than 100 beautifully reproduced full colour illustrations of my paintings now exists! A collection of images that won't be separated.

The Exmoor landscape that inspires much of my work takes front seat but you'll also find depictions on London, Thailand, Spain, The West Somerset Railway and the Quantocks. Portraiture, travel posters, seascapes, birds, cityscapes, museums, abstracts and more.

There is a little info about me and my journey but not too much - I'll save that for a future book. Maybe?

This little girl is a big fan of the book.

If you would like a copy, the book is available from my website and also my studio/gallery in Minehead.

Oh, and if you missed out on the Jigsaw last time around, "Way Up High - Birds of the World", is also currently in stock as well as a variety of original paintings and prints in various sizes.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes


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1 Comment

Sandra Meech
Sandra Meech
Nov 25, 2021

Wonderful - a beautiful book and look forward to seeing it for real. Consider sending some to ACE Arts, Somerton for sale as it does have a book section.

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