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Website Goes Live!

Thanks so much for everyone's help and input over the last week or so. The early feedback from 'sneaky peekers' was invaluable. More about you in a minute. MY NEW WEBSITE IS FINALLY LIVE!!!

Special thanks goes to the website's first ever online customer, the legendary Tim Kevan! I'm so pleased that you, and others, were brave enough to prove the checkout function's security!

Many thanks to the constructive feedback from Mike Bradshaw, Jenny Bray, Jenny Barron, Alison Jacobs, George Singer and Ian Partington. Thanks also to the positivity of many others! Your insights were very helpful, and much of it you will now see implemented!

The new website was developed by a friendly Exmoor-based chappie who answers to the handle 'by the power of'. Other examples of his work are by the power of daddy (a local swimming pool), by the power of science (a European Research Consortium) and by the power of wood chippings (local furniture builder). To email by the power of if you're interested in his web design services: click here.

Hey, keep the feedback coming, both positive or negative it's really helpful. Oh, and the best feedback of all.... buy a painting!

All good wishes,


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