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Somerset Arts Week - but not as we know it!

New Collection for Somerset Arts Week - Online and In the Leo Davey Studio/Gallery, Minehead

Somerset Art Weeks, the most important event of the calendar for many Somerset artists, has now officially started. With a heavy online focus, it's not your usual SAW situation, but the usual enthusiasm from many makers and artists across the county nevertheless. I encourage people to support local artists and visit as many venues as you can. Failing that, get online to view as many venues as you can. There is some great art out there! While many artists are exhibiting online only, I'm very lucky to to be able to welcome people in safety, both digitally and to the Leo Davey Studio/Gallery in Minehead. My new collection, especially for the occasion, splits into two categories: Birds in Boxes and Exmoor Landscapes. Birds in Boxes, life size depictions of Birds of the World are not taxidermy but well behaved exhibitionists hanging out with their own kind. Jays, Magpies, Parrots and Woodpeckers have been immortalised in watercolour and framed to look more like a Victorian artefact than a painting. The new Exmoor landscapes are a fresh, unfussed, celebration of our wonderfully wild local landscape.

Or view their analogue counterparts in safety at the Leo Davey Studio/Gallery, open 11am - 4pm Tuesday to Saturday.

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