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New Website Sneaky Preview

Hello there! If you're reading this it's because you've been specially chosen to have a sneak preview of my new website. Thanks so much for having a poke around! I'm really interested in any comments or observations you may have, no matter how big or small, positive or negative!

For example, does the homepage image rotation work smoothly on your computer? Have you spotted any spelling or grammatical errors? Is the shop easy to navigate? Does it work well on mobile?

We already know about a few limitations of the website. For example, filtering products on mobile devices isn't available yet! But there's probably a whole bunch of stuff that you will notice that we didn't!

The new website was developed by a friendly Exmoor-based chappie who answers to the handle 'by the power of'. Other examples of his work are by the power of daddy (a local swimming pool), by the power of science (a European Research Consortium) and by the power of wood chippings (local furniture builder). To email by the power of if you're interested in his web design services: click here.


Please email any feedback or use the comments section below.

Thanks again,


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1 Comment

Feb 25, 2019

Hi Leo,

Love the concept overall. Just make sure it is fast enough as people are not very patient waiting for things to download. What about a colour code to indicate which are originals - oils/watercolours - and an idea of size would be helpful toobelow the actual picture .

All the best!

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